Modern Agriculture|現(xiàn)代農業

Modern Agriculture Business

        In 2006, FSUA set its feet into China’s modern agricultural industry and new rural construction, which was a new and challenging business at that time. FSUA thus seized the opportunity and entered this field as one of the pioneers in China. In particular, FSUA is an early advocate and leader in the “Small-town production and life services” industry, where it obtained huge success in. Throughout the years, FSUA has formed comparative advantages in the following aspects: urban agriculture tourism, development and operation of large-scale circulation bases for agricultural products, and the operation of agricultural goods mid-to-long-term orders trading platform.At present, the key sectors of FSUA’s agriculture business are investment in the agriculture productive services and countryside consumer, investment in social networking platforms for farmers & countryside, and agricultural aviation(industry of planet protection via UAV).

Representative Project--The social networking platforms for farmers and countryside - DaiYan, The website is “”




請(qǐng)參閱 農村和農民社交平台—“帶言”,網址